Qdial - Interactive Voice Response Systems

Qtime Systems design complete Qdial IVR time recording solutions. A dedicated P.C. acts as a telephony server with up to 4 lines. The design of Qdial is totally flexible with touch tone data entry (or retrieval), database integration, and export to third party systems. Voice recording may also be performed. Using CLI (Caller Line Identification) verification of the callers location may be performed. CLI may also be used to automaticly respond in a given manner to particular callers.

Typical applications include time & attendance verification, site attendance verification (as required in the cleaning industry for eg.), and delivery & despatch time information systems.

A Typical Qdial System Example - Attendance Verification

An employee dials in on a dedicated number. Qdial answers the call, plays a welcome message, then asks the caller to proceed entering their I.D. number. A three (or four) digit number is entered and then Qdial will compare the number to an employee validation table. If the number is passed then it is read back to the caller for confirmation. The caller presses “1” to save the transaction or any other number to re-enter their I.D. number. Qdial will also randomly select a caller to make a voice recording. When the transaction (and/or recording) is saved to disk a further prompt indicates this and then Qdial will hang up.

Since Qdial’s operation is software controlled, the operating procedure may be modified to your specific requirements. Retrieval of the transaction data for processing may be performed by network file transfer. A dedicated P.C. (min Pentium Class) is required for Qdial.

Qdial is an economical and flexible data capture system and/or “front end” for your software application.
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