Qtime - Computerised Time and Attendance Systems

Are you still doing things the hard way??

Computerised Time Management Systems are now more powerful and affordable than ever. Qtime is designed to reduce the time spent in payroll related duties, to avert payroll related problems and “dead-line dramas”, and deliver a more efficient, accurate service. This means significant cost savings to your organization!

A Qtime system typically consists of an electronic time recorder, some form of I.D. media such as magentic or barcode swipe cards, cabling, software, and a comprehensive manual. Qtime runs on any P.C. or compatible.

Qtime calculates employees paid hours by using the information delivered from the electronic time clocks and aligning this information against employee specific data stored within the Qtime software. Total control over all employee times is provided so you can overide the automatic calculations when required. You may also add leave data pre-emptively or retrospectively as the need may be.

Qtime's principal reports include:
Daily Attendance
Payroll Analysis
Atendance History
Departmental Time Summaries
Cost Centre Analysis
Site Reports

Export to third party payroll packages is performed using the optional Qport export module.

See for yourself the power of computer based time and attendance systems... call for a consultation and/or demonstration. You will find Qtime simple to use and yet powerful in results and rich in benefits to your organization. Don’t be left behind doing things the hard way!

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