Qtrak - Computerised Production Tracking Systems

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To gain a leading edge in business today, a production oriented company needs to keep close track of its major resource, namely manpower! Qtrak is a job costing/production tracking solution that allows a company to meet that objective.

Qtrak System Operation & Options

Each Qtrak system is a unique solution tailored to your exact application requirements. A typical Qtrak system is comprised of data capture hardware and the Qtrak Master Software. Several methods of data capture are available:

“Realtime” data capture terminals (data downloaded immediately to host P.C.)
“Buffered” recording terminals (data downloaded on demand)
Qtrak-WS software loaded on P.C. WorkStation. (data downloaded to network)

Each of these options may use either wands, scanners, or a keyboard to enter data. The Qtrak Master Software is customised to suit whatever information you require. This includes among other things, the database design and report generation, as well as export to third party software systems or packages.

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